About us

In Arabic, Al-Mukmal means velvet .. a symbol of luxury, sophistication and smoothness throughout history. We worked very hard to make this name a reality, so "Al-Mukmal" became a symbol for elegance at all levels in Jeddah, the bride of the Red Sea.

In 1997, Al-Mukmal Group entered into the Real Estate market. Palestine Street in the center of Jeddah became the site for the first administrative commercial center of Al-Mukmal Group, where the Group established Al-Mukmal Plaza to be the headquarter of the Group as well as Al-Mukmal Furniture Showroom and Al-Mukmal Beach Administration. Offices and large galleries were leased to major companies and banks, starting from 1999.

In a move to increase our investments in the real estate field, we started implementation of the second administrative center, namely “Al-Mukmal Tower” during 2008. The location selected for its was at Rawda Street which emerged as one of the modern commercial streets in Jeddah. Operating the center began in 2010 and the offices and showrooms were leased to big companies and banks.

We're still expanding so that Al-Mukmal remains as it was when it was first established and with its original vision …