Coffee & Gym


Praying Area


Al Mukmal Tower Facility

We have the unique lead of the location... the internal and external finishes of high quality of global ranks. A grand entrance with two fountains will be working on ongoing basis.

The security and cleaning peoples will be working at all location throughout the building. A professional maintenance team for the air conditioning system, electricity, plumbing, telephone and others are also available in the building 24/7.

Al Mukmal Tower Facility

A music unit is also available with the building which connects to all the offices. The easiness of entry and exit to the parking in the basement, a central satellite, etc will help your needs better. A prayer hall is also attached with the building.

We also have the individuality of having lounges to sit and relax on some floors , gym with sporting equipment area, steam bath and fantastic private sessions.

Also the management of the building will be available at your service 24/7.